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Scientifically Speaking

These guys are the best. When it comes to any type of scientific experimental trip. This is where its at. Does not take much to get a solid experiment.



Product was recieved on time. Quantity and quality were spot on .I have just placed another order good stuff!

Promises delivered

I have only great things to say about the service, shipping, and product here. I received my blotters in super discreet packaging almost exactly a week after the shipping confirmation (about 2-3 days after the order was placed) (in the greater New York City area) and was able to start my research right away. I'll definitely order my RCs from here again.

Top Quality

The blotters were of top notch quality and shipping was very reasonable as well! I received my shipping confirmation email the day after I ordered and received my package in almost exactly two weeks time from the date! Causing Color is amazing and I will definitely be ordering from here again in the very near future!

First timer

As a first timer I din't know if the I'd even receive my order or it would be same as what was mentioned. Not only I received it really fast, it was amazing. I'm using it every other day now for my microdosing protocol and helping another friend with depression.

Great product and company!

Ordered a 10 block to get affordable prices. Followed the instructions provided for payment and then waited. I had faith this company is honest. Took a week or so and received an email saying it shipped. Two weeks later and boom! There it was in my mailbox (east coast USA).
So a little less than 3 weeks from order date.
The product is life changing, with volumetric dosing I do 10 micrograms a few times a week and feel incredible for 10 hours.

Great Product

After about 20 days I received my shipment of 10 tabs as expected. Tested out two and was very pleasantly surprised. Very high quality and clean product; will definitely order again.

Never received the product 🙁

Perhaps not entirely fair to leave a 1-star review, but customers should know that even very small quantities might not arrive.

Excellent Quality

The 1p-lsd blotters I purchased were top quality and I highly recommend this product. I made the order and received a shipping notification 10 days later and then 10 days after that, my package arrived. I made a second order a few weeks later, but never received a shipping notification. I've contacted support a few times, but have not yet had a reply. If someone from support sees this, I'd like to inquire about order #5399. Thanks again!


I was laughing at my friend for hours and making music

Be patient

Ordered 10 blotters 1P-LSD on Feb 4th, recieved Mar 1. I sent an email asking if it had shipped after 14 days and never got a reply. Finally got an email saying it had shipped, and it took another 7 days to reach me. Just be patient...


Came within a month and was very high quality. I will order from them again!


I have yet to get in contact about some orders BUT... when they deliver it has always been amazing customer service with an exceptional product!! Love CC


Product came as expected and their customer support is phenomenal. As for the ALD-52: Was a wonderful experience. 1P-LSD had better visuals for me but the ALD-52 gave me a better “feel good” sensation.

- cheers CC team

Surprised it came thru

Not bad it came thru

Expensive trip

Well I will admit the product is very good indeed so 5 stars on that however the price is a bit high compared to what I always paid for lsd25 which was around 5 dollars per blotter so I was sad that I only got 2 for the price of like 10-15 with standard shipping even no.tracking etc. Truthfully your better off waiting and using a standard shipping anyway as it is just more stealthy than a parcel it arrived pretty fast as well considering I'm in the southern USA so all in all product was wonderful better than I expected by far 200 ug taken around 1:45 am lasted a good 8-10hrs although the first 4 were pretty intense but the comedown is smooth but I'd recommend having a lil benzos on hand in case you feel it is too much personally it was on par with the stuff I got back in the 80s and 90s I would definitely shop here again but i do have other vendors that give about 10 blotters for around the same price as 2 here although I cannot promise that the quality is the same as I have not gotten it yet anyway hope you all find this helpful and stay safe friends.

"ALD-52" v. LSD-25

I got my order about 19 days after making my payment. Which was fine with me. I was so excited to find it in my mailbox! But I was equally disappointed with the results. Trust me, ALD-52, if that's what I got, does NOT turn into LSD-25 through hydrolysis.

Arrival time

Product arrived just yesterday. Overall took about 12 business days from shipping confirmation email.

Easy as pie

Ordering was a breeze. Have not tried product yet, but from order to delivery, everything was as advertised. Delivery was almost 2 weeks to the day from the time product was shipped. Will definitely order again!


This place will send you a couple of orders and everything will seem great because they do have decent products, but after a few orders you'll make another one like I did and then nothing! Your order wont show up and they won't answer your inquiries and then they ban you from buying without so much as an apology for screwing you over. Don't do your business with these folks. Keep searching for something better.


Small amt goes a long way.

1-p is Solid!

Good communication, reasonable T/A (received in about 2 weeks), and product/ quality as described. Very pleased! Trust the process as described on their site and you won't be disappointed!

Exceeded Expectations

Shipping was slow which I expected. I tend to forget that I ordered products when I know shipping could be an issue . So, when it arrived I thought it was junk mail and almost threw it away , lol.

I tested product for a very particular reason and it did not fail. Highest ever tested was 50 MCG‘s . Much too much for the intended reasoning of using. I just wanted to test one product for intended needs and nothing else and this product is 100% on point.


Second review: I researched 50mcg at 10:45 this am. It’s now 5pm still going Jedi. So much love and introspection. AMAZING. AMAZING. DID I SAY AMAZING. see you soon and thank you again!