ALD-52 5 x 100mcg Blotters


ALD-52 is the chemical abbreviation for the lesser known name 1-acetyl-LSD and is an analog to the popular designer drug acid. (commonly known  as LSD or  lysergic acid diethylamide) The research chemical ALD-52 is known to undergo a process called hydrolysis which in turn forms it's lysergamide relative LSD. Due to these qualities, the legality of ALD-52 is questionable if it begins this process and proceeds to break down into its counterpart.

As with all of these novel compounds, research laboratories buy these research chemicals online (like LSZ and AL-LAD) so that they may study the chemicals behavior in various conditions. And so, if you choose to buy ALD-52 online through a research chemical vendor (such as Causing Color) then you must be aware of the legality of said compound within your country to avoid any legal trouble. This chemical is currently considered illegal in Latvia, although not officially scheduled, is considered a structural analog of LSD due to an amendment made on June 1st, 2015.


Now, this lysergamide is not for human consumption under any circumstance. If you accidently ingest it then it would be wise to call a poison control center immediately. Due to its potency in the microgram range, one should wear gloves when handling it. 


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Patience is key

I received my order all in one piece, and customer service was great.
For anyone ordering from this site my advice would be to be patient,
and when you order something off the site you should have the mindset
of donating money as you may or may not receive your product in the mail

If you have this mindset and the patience to receive or not receive your order,
then you are golden. Awesome site non the less.

Not too bad

Came quick no issues with the mail at all, decent quality. Worth every penny! Great service! Thanks CC! Will buy again!

Be patient

I have order from causing color many times and they always deliver. This order took almost a month to receive. Support let me know there was a postal strike in Canada. I am very happy I received my order today . Causing color is on point, will be ordering again.


I'll start by saying that this was the second order that I have placed with causing color. Each time they have exceeded my expectations!! Ordering goes smoothly. I had a few questions that I asked the support team and they got back to me very quickly. The product is high quality. Shipping takes just as long as they say it will take. Both my orders took about 3-4 weeks. Of course I would have liked it to come quicker but it's coming from out of the country so you have to expect there to be some delay. Causing color is reliable. One time I had paid For product and it turned out they couldn't fulfill the order and my money was refunded back to me within 48 hours. For those who say they haven't received their order.. just be patient. It will come. I plan to continue to order from them here on out.

Still have not received order

Still have not received the blotters with 1p-LSD. I ordered it some time near the end of January or early of February. Don't remember exactly when

Hey Jeff, what's your order number and we'll look into your tracking. Thanks.