1P-LSD 100mcg Blotters


1P-LSD , the chemical abbreviation for 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide is in a class of drugs called lysergamides and is possibly considered an analog of LSD and is also described as a homolog of the notorious ALD-52. In recent animal studies, 1P-LSD showed that it is 38% the potency of LSD in mice. This means that not only is 1P-LSD a prodrug of LSD (a compound that once metabolized breaks down into another active compound) but is also active in its own right through being a serotonin receptor agonist.
Research laboratories choose to buy 1P-LSD online so that they may study the research chemical's behavior and/or functions. However, if you choose to buy 1P-LSD online through a research chemical vendor (such as Causing Color) then you must be aware of the legality of such compounds within your country. This research chemical is currently illegal in Switzerland and Latvia, and all though legal~ could possibly cause some problems because it is considered a prodrug of acid (LSD).
This member of the lysergamides is often compared to other psychedelic drugs such as LSD in its effects. Which has been shown to produce a greater capacity for whole brain functioning, heightened states of consciousness, mystical experiences, and an overall highly enhanced sensory experience of life.
It must be noted that 1P-LSD is not for human consumption and is strictly for laboratory use. If accidently consumed it would be wise to call a poison control center immediately due to the lack of study on this chemical. This chemical is active in the mcg range and therefore should be handled with caution. Using gloves while handling and keeping it out of direct sunlight is generally the best-accepted practice. 

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This place will send you a couple of orders and everything will seem great because they do have decent products, but after a few orders you'll make another one like I did and then nothing! Your order wont show up and they won't answer your inquiries and then they ban you from buying without so much as an apology for screwing you over. Don't do your business with these folks. Keep searching for something better.

1-p is Solid!

Good communication, reasonable T/A (received in about 2 weeks), and product/ quality as described. Very pleased! Trust the process as described on their site and you won't be disappointed!

Excellent Quality

The 1p-lsd blotters I purchased were top quality and I highly recommend this product. I made the order and received a shipping notification 10 days later and then 10 days after that, my package arrived. I made a second order a few weeks later, but never received a shipping notification. I've contacted support a few times, but have not yet had a reply. If someone from support sees this, I'd like to inquire about order #5399. Thanks again!

Exceeded Expectations

Shipping was slow which I expected. I tend to forget that I ordered products when I know shipping could be an issue . So, when it arrived I thought it was junk mail and almost threw it away , lol.

I tested product for a very particular reason and it did not fail. Highest ever tested was 50 MCG‘s . Much too much for the intended reasoning of using. I just wanted to test one product for intended needs and nothing else and this product is 100% on point.

Be patient

Ordered 10 blotters 1P-LSD on Feb 4th, recieved Mar 1. I sent an email asking if it had shipped after 14 days and never got a reply. Finally got an email saying it had shipped, and it took another 7 days to reach me. Just be patient...