Psychedelic Research Chemicals

Humanity's evolution is in researching and developing a certain class of research chemicals. As we progress our understanding of these compounds the opportunity will arise to see how they can impact our mental capabilities similarly to nootropics and various herbal concoctions that stimulate the psyche in some way.

By then chemicals such as  1P-LSD, 4-ACO-DMT, 4-HO-MET and ALD-52 will no longer be labeled as research chemicals and instead will be what we know as prescription drugs. If psychedelic research chemicals affect the human organism similarly to their natural counterparts then I foresee an evolution in human consciousness coming soon to an Earth near you.

How is this so?

Well, if such compounds like psilocin and dimethyltryptamine can help develop one's reasoning and logic capabilities, (all the while transforming one's entire perception of reality and dissolving one's sense of self...) then surely we can expect to experience a more intelligent global society where emotions such as fear is no more and abundance is common place for everyone rather than just a select few. 

A hippie's dream reality? Yep, pretty much!

Can you imagine a global society that isn't based upon fear but is rather based upon nourishing the entire human race? Oh, the advances that would be made on all levels as peace, love, and gigantic frontal lobes proliferate the human stratosphere.

The psychedelia erasing shallow quarrels between the underdeveloped human minds as pure logic and reasoning take the place of previously emotion fueled dramas.

A mass of people that is no longer obsessed with the mundane goal of collecting paper with imaginary value, but instead, is focused on the development of the human psyche. If this was the case, you would soon find that everyone may be blessed with experiencing supernatural phenomena as they shed the seemingly never ending idealisms of their so-called 'limited self'. 

Perhaps you have never tasted the fluid state of higher consciousness that lies dormant in most people. Perhaps, you have had a taste of the higher levels of thought that are inhumane by nature. Now, by 'inhumane' I don't mean cruel or ruthless, but rather, I mean a thought process that is inconceivable by ordinary people.

Dare I say, magical.... for lack of better words. 

 If you have had an other-worldly experience that completely defies your previous conceptualizations on what you thought was possible then perhaps you know of what I am attempting to bring to the forefront of your mind.

 You may have heard time and time again that thoughts create your experience of reality. With this in mind, what if I were to say that there is a realm of thought that only 'godly people' can conceptualize into a tangible idea. Similarly to how Einstein was able to formulate speculations about the  workings of the universe by accessing certain modes of thinking that others were not able to.

 Now that was a very weak analogy in comparison to the mode of thinking I am speaking of, however, it will have to work for now.

OK, now what if a human could unlock the potential of their mind through the use of psychedelics. To such an extent that one is able to change their experience of sensory reality before their very eyes.

Now for many this will seem like nothing but an imagination gone wild, but I assure you, it is so much more, as this is not just an idea that you think up, but something you can experience for yourself.

Then again, perhaps it is only an illusion that there are 'others' to have this experience.

After all, there is only Me.


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