Psychedelic Drugs | Ego Dissolution

You look around and sense it, you know 'this' is something special. You know there's more to it, but you can't quite put your finger on it. Why do you feel like this... it seems so foreign and yet vaguely familiar.

You have a sense of expansion... as if the very boundaries that keep the world separate from you seemingly no longer exist. Are you losing your mind, did you ever have a mind to lose? How can I possibly be a part of 'this', or rather, how can I not be? 

You look around at the sensory-enhanced reality, and then it hits you, everything you experience is completely through your 'senses'. Is this real or is this just an illusion of the mind? A movie projected from the mind and experienced through your senses.

You look down and you realize that your physical body only exists in relation to your senses. The revelation sends a feeling of electricity throughout your body as you finally understand your connection with the perceived reality that you are somehow creating.

 The psychedelic drugs effects begin to come on stronger. You lift your hand up to your face but you can't seem to find it. You look around looking for some point of reference, something you conceptually know, but quickly realize you are wading in unfamiliar territory.

You forget what you look like, what you feel like, who you love, it all becomes irrelevant... oh so irrelevant. The memories you held, the emotions you felt, the seemingly endless experiences in life, what was it all for? 

It's all... it's all just movement. Everything in this sensory experience is all just a movement of sorts. I hear someone talk, and all that's really going on is a multitude of movements that ultimately lead to the movement of noise out of one's mouth. The noise then moves into my ears and then the information is processed (which is ultimately just another movement) and then I react in some way.

I feel the glimmer in everything now, the grass, the sky, the people, but what is this glimmer? It's the realization that everything stems from the experience of my subjective consciousness. That this experience of life depends on Me (consciousness) to exist.

I look up towards the sky, and that spherical feeling comes consciousness, it expands beyond my physical body and out into the whole universe. Almost as if... I see with one giant eyeball.

The spherical consciousness I thought was lost once my psychedelic experience ended, it came back to stay forever...



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