How To Be Happy!? | The Answer


Happiness, why does it always escape my grasp?

Oh happiness, where do you go? Every time I think I've found you, suddenly you seemingly disappear without a trace. Why? Why is this so? Is my life nothing but a mere game of me chasing this elusive feeling? I find something that makes me happy and yet, every-single-time, the feeling I crave leaves me. It leaves me wanting more of it, even though I know deep down that it will only end up leaving me again and again.

I wonder how I can retain this blissful feeling...

I ponder the thought and come to the conclusion that happiness is not something that can be retained if the feeling of happiness stems from an object in my perception. Why is this? Well, it is because all objects in this sensory experience are only temporary. And so... my happiness would be temporary as well. The moment the object in question is no longer, my happiness is no longer. Knowing this, why do I continue to look for happiness in objects that are temporary? Is there not a better way to chase this feeling that leads to a never ending flood of it? Is my desire for happiness no more foolish than a person looking for a high from their inhaled crack smoke? Sometimes I feel as if I'm a gerbil running on the never ending wheel of desire, always chasing after something that I can never quite grasp.... 

 Don't the noisy meat bodies see the truth?

Am I the only one among the meat bodies who see that searching for happiness in a temporary world is useless? They watch their television, get in relationships, consume drugs, foods, music, and all other forms of enjoyment and entertainment in hopes of finally 'capturing it'. As if happiness is something that can be caught and held on to. As if it is a 'thing' at all... that has any relation to things outside of its formless self. Does happiness have a form? Can something without form be confined and defined by words, which are inherently made by form? Sure, one can try to define it, but surely it is a lie in comparison to the experience itself....

Why am I looking for happiness outside of me?

I've been so foolish my entire life, how can this be? Something I've searched for in everything has been right under my nose this entire time. The elusive feeling I crave when I eat my favorite food... when I do my favorite drug... when I hug my favorite person... it's been there all along, but, where else could it be? After all, the feeling began within me, and thus was always in me. Why was I looking outside myself? As if they could give me a feeling that I couldn't give myself. Is happiness so subtle that most don't realize that they already have it within them? Or, perhaps, people are so consumed by the negative forces in their life that they do not realize what has been there all along.



I don't need a reason to be happy...

What a beautiful conclusion to come to. Before, I always figured that something had to happen for me to be able to experience happiness. But now... I understand that happiness is an experience independent of other experiences. In other words, other experiences do not dictate the experience of happiness. Being happy relies on nothing for it to exist as a state of mind. So my friends, stay thoughtless and find what you seek.

 What is this 'thoughtless state' you speak of?

The state free from desire is simultaneously the state free of thought. Analyze your thoughts and ask, "Is this thought really something I desire in disguise?". You will quickly find that most, if not all thoughts are based out of some form of inner desire. How greedy you, are having all of these wishes, lusts, desires, and wants. You wish something was different, you wish you had more, you wish they had less, you wish this didn't happen and that did happen, and the list goes on. How can one ever be happy when they are never happy with what they presently have in the current moment? Let go of your petty daydreams about future goals, let go of your past experiences that didn't go the way you wanted... just.... let go of it all. When the mind is cleansed from these numerous desires then a neutral state of mind will ensue where you neither desire nor no desire remains.

A state where no desire and desire does not exist? How is this so?

Yes, a state of mind where the conceptual thinker is subdued into submission by the force of present moment. A state of mind that is spherical by nature and, is void of most sensory thought processes that form a residue of sorts over one's perception of reality. This state dissolves the boundaries between self and other. And so, one may find their sense of self now encompassing all of the sensory experience rather than just the body within it.

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