Dear Friends,

Due to our inventory being stuck in transit we had to delay shipping out orders between that time frame.

Therefore, if you ordered something between this time please allow an additional 10 days maximum on top of the normal shipping time before your order arrives.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

All orders between that time go out tomorrow.

- Causing Color Team


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Choose Your Chemical!

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Research Chemical Vendors | How To Choose One

Research Chemical Vendors

Now that you have an idea as to what to look for in your research chemical supplier what will you do now? Will you let the idea of having your first research chemical evaluation slip away as others fulfill their desires? Perhaps you are still shaking in your boots about what you may during this process that may very well evolve humanity.  

Whatever the case, it is time to cast your fear aside and take the leap into unknown territory that only professional chemists and the like have had the chances to explore. 

Don't worry, we have all been in your situation,  (OK, maybe not ALL of us, but many enthusiasts such as yourself has been!). So many compounds to research and being unable to decide, finding a reliable supplier in the depths of the interwebs, and last but not least, purchasing the substance from the research chemical vendor in hopes that it meets your expectations and beyond!

It's now time to buy research chemicals from a research chemical vendor and now you're wondering which one will suit your needs. You sit down and examine the compounds available and all of the vendors but none of them seem to click with you. 

You finally find a chemical you'd like to study further only to find that it wasn't a legal research chemical within your country. What a pain in the ass!

Finally you sense the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Just as your quest for creating new, novel compounds from older outdated one's was coming to an end... this RC vendor comes to the rescue.

This is it, you have found the promised land; Causing Color. An RC vendor that prides itself on being able to provide the best research chemicals in the scene. The chemicals themselves shine with a twinkle, almost as if they are entities waiting to greet you as you dive deep into the depths of researching their functioning and behavior. 

We have made it, after much searching through the countless forums, we have finally made it.

Welcome to Causing Color

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Psychedelic Research Chemicals | Humanity's Evolution

Psychedelic Research Chemicals

Humanity's evolution is in researching and developing a certain class of research chemicals. As we progress our understanding of these compounds the opportunity will arise to see how they can impact our mental capabilities similarly to nootropics and various herbal concoctions that stimulate the psyche in some way.

By then chemicals such as  1P-LSD, 4-ACO-DMT, 4-HO-MET and ALD-52 will no longer be labeled as research chemicals and instead will be what we know as prescription drugs. If psychedelic research chemicals affect the human organism similarly to their natural counterparts then I foresee an evolution in human consciousness coming soon to an Earth near you.

How is this so?

Well, if such compounds like psilocin and dimethyltryptamine can help develop one's reasoning and logic capabilities, (all the while transforming one's entire perception of reality and dissolving one's sense of self...) then surely we can expect to experience a more intelligent global society where emotions such as fear is no more and abundance is common place for everyone rather than just a select few. 

A hippie's dream reality? Yep, pretty much!

Can you imagine a global society that isn't based upon fear but is rather based upon nourishing the entire human race? Oh, the advances that would be made on all levels as peace, love, and gigantic frontal lobes proliferate the human stratosphere.

The psychedelia erasing shallow quarrels between the underdeveloped human minds as pure logic and reasoning take the place of previously emotion fueled dramas.

A mass of people that is no longer obsessed with the mundane goal of collecting paper with imaginary value, but instead, is focused on the development of the human psyche. If this was the case, you would soon find that everyone may be blessed with experiencing supernatural phenomena as they shed the seemingly never ending idealisms of their so-called 'limited self'. 

Perhaps you have never tasted the fluid state of higher consciousness that lies dormant in most people. Perhaps, you have had a taste of the higher levels of thought that are inhumane by nature. Now, by 'inhumane' I don't mean cruel or ruthless, but rather, I mean a thought process that is inconceivable by ordinary people.

Dare I say, magical.... for lack of better words. 

 If you have had an other-worldly experience that completely defies your previous conceptualizations on what you thought was possible then perhaps you know of what I am attempting to bring to the forefront of your mind.

 You may have heard time and time again that thoughts create your experience of reality. With this in mind, what if I were to say that there is a realm of thought that only 'godly people' can conceptualize into a tangible idea. Similarly to how Einstein was able to formulate speculations about the  workings of the universe by accessing certain modes of thinking that others were not able to.

 Now that was a very weak analogy in comparison to the mode of thinking I am speaking of, however, it will have to work for now.

OK, now what if a human could unlock the potential of their mind through the use of psychedelics. To such an extent that one is able to change their experience of sensory reality before their very eyes.

Now for many this will seem like nothing but an imagination gone wild, but I assure you, it is so much more, as this is not just an idea that you think up, but something you can experience for yourself.

Then again, perhaps it is only an illusion that there are 'others' to have this experience.

After all, there is only Me.


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Psychedelic Drugs | Ego Dissolution

Psychedelic Drugs | Ego Dissolution

You look around and sense it, you know 'this' is something special. You know there's more to it, but you can't quite put your finger on it. Why do you feel like this... it seems so foreign and yet vaguely familiar.

You have a sense of expansion... as if the very boundaries that keep the world separate from you seemingly no longer exist. Are you losing your mind, did you ever have a mind to lose? How can I possibly be a part of 'this', or rather, how can I not be? 

You look around at the sensory-enhanced reality, and then it hits you, everything you experience is completely through your 'senses'. Is this real or is this just an illusion of the mind? A movie projected from the mind and experienced through your senses.

You look down and you realize that your physical body only exists in relation to your senses. The revelation sends a feeling of electricity throughout your body as you finally understand your connection with the perceived reality that you are somehow creating.

 The psychedelic drugs effects begin to come on stronger. You lift your hand up to your face but you can't seem to find it. You look around looking for some point of reference, something you conceptually know, but quickly realize you are wading in unfamiliar territory.

You forget what you look like, what you feel like, who you love, it all becomes irrelevant... oh so irrelevant. The memories you held, the emotions you felt, the seemingly endless experiences in life, what was it all for? 

It's all... it's all just movement. Everything in this sensory experience is all just a movement of sorts. I hear someone talk, and all that's really going on is a multitude of movements that ultimately lead to the movement of noise out of one's mouth. The noise then moves into my ears and then the information is processed (which is ultimately just another movement) and then I react in some way.

I feel the glimmer in everything now, the grass, the sky, the people, but what is this glimmer? It's the realization that everything stems from the experience of my subjective consciousness. That this experience of life depends on Me (consciousness) to exist.

I look up towards the sky, and that spherical feeling comes consciousness, it expands beyond my physical body and out into the whole universe. Almost as if... I see with one giant eyeball.

The spherical consciousness I thought was lost once my psychedelic experience ended, it came back to stay forever...



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How To Be Happy!? | The Answer

How To Be Happy!? | The Answer


Happiness, why does it always escape my grasp?

Oh happiness, where do you go? Every time I think I've found you, suddenly you seemingly disappear without a trace. Why? Why is this so? Is my life nothing but a mere game of me chasing this elusive feeling? I find something that makes me happy and yet, every-single-time, the feeling I crave leaves me. It leaves me wanting more of it, even though I know deep down that it will only end up leaving me again and again.

I wonder how I can retain this blissful feeling...

I ponder the thought and come to the conclusion that happiness is not something that can be retained if the feeling of happiness stems from an object in my perception. Why is this? Well, it is because all objects in this sensory experience are only temporary. And so... my happiness would be temporary as well. The moment the object in question is no longer, my happiness is no longer. Knowing this, why do I continue to look for happiness in objects that are temporary? Is there not a better way to chase this feeling that leads to a never ending flood of it? Is my desire for happiness no more foolish than a person looking for a high from their inhaled crack smoke? Sometimes I feel as if I'm a gerbil running on the never ending wheel of desire, always chasing after something that I can never quite grasp.... 

 Don't the noisy meat bodies see the truth?

Am I the only one among the meat bodies who see that searching for happiness in a temporary world is useless? They watch their television, get in relationships, consume drugs, foods, music, and all other forms of enjoyment and entertainment in hopes of finally 'capturing it'. As if happiness is something that can be caught and held on to. As if it is a 'thing' at all... that has any relation to things outside of its formless self. Does happiness have a form? Can something without form be confined and defined by words, which are inherently made by form? Sure, one can try to define it, but surely it is a lie in comparison to the experience itself....

Why am I looking for happiness outside of me?

I've been so foolish my entire life, how can this be? Something I've searched for in everything has been right under my nose this entire time. The elusive feeling I crave when I eat my favorite food... when I do my favorite drug... when I hug my favorite person... it's been there all along, but, where else could it be? After all, the feeling began within me, and thus was always in me. Why was I looking outside myself? As if they could give me a feeling that I couldn't give myself. Is happiness so subtle that most don't realize that they already have it within them? Or, perhaps, people are so consumed by the negative forces in their life that they do not realize what has been there all along.



I don't need a reason to be happy...

What a beautiful conclusion to come to. Before, I always figured that something had to happen for me to be able to experience happiness. But now... I understand that happiness is an experience independent of other experiences. In other words, other experiences do not dictate the experience of happiness. Being happy relies on nothing for it to exist as a state of mind. So my friends, stay thoughtless and find what you seek.

 What is this 'thoughtless state' you speak of?

The state free from desire is simultaneously the state free of thought. Analyze your thoughts and ask, "Is this thought really something I desire in disguise?". You will quickly find that most, if not all thoughts are based out of some form of inner desire. How greedy you, are having all of these wishes, lusts, desires, and wants. You wish something was different, you wish you had more, you wish they had less, you wish this didn't happen and that did happen, and the list goes on. How can one ever be happy when they are never happy with what they presently have in the current moment? Let go of your petty daydreams about future goals, let go of your past experiences that didn't go the way you wanted... just.... let go of it all. When the mind is cleansed from these numerous desires then a neutral state of mind will ensue where you neither desire nor no desire remains.

A state where no desire and desire does not exist? How is this so?

Yes, a state of mind where the conceptual thinker is subdued into submission by the force of present moment. A state of mind that is spherical by nature and, is void of most sensory thought processes that form a residue of sorts over one's perception of reality. This state dissolves the boundaries between self and other. And so, one may find their sense of self now encompassing all of the sensory experience rather than just the body within it.

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What is Meditation? | The Answer

 What is Meditation!? | The Answer


So What IS Meditation Anyways!?

This question has been a topic of discussion by many for decades and yet not many have been able to answer it accurately. Meditation is often seen as a commodity, a relaxation technique, and everything in between. People are told how to meditate by so called gurus that do not understand the purpose of meditation to begin with, which is the problem we will try to clear up and shed light on in today's blurb.

OK... then what is it Mr. Know it all? 

Well, meditation is a process that eventually allows the user to shut down their sensory experience of reality. With a variety of meditation techniques, one eventually cleanses the mind to such an extent that great clarity and focus is developed. Without this thoughtless state that arises through a non-chattering mind the results of meditation are not achievable under normal conditions.

The result of meditation is a perfect awareness that is unadulterated by the mind's delusions of thought. This allows for one to easily go beyond this physical dimension of reality that is made up by one's senses. Once one is able to quiet the mind and remain in this state the process of meditation automatically happens and one eventually shuts down sensory reality similarly to sleep, only you are aware of the process happening and how it works.

Well... then why am I told to repeat affirmations like mantras??

Mantras and positive affirmations serve a purpose, which is to not only train your mind on how to stay focused on one thing at a time, but to also to get into the habit of changing out negative thought patterns for positive ones and being able to use your new concentration abilities to transcend this plane of existence. Without concentration, one will never be able to shut down their sensory experience of reality and truly dive deep into the depths of this process.

I understand, but what exactly do you mean by 'sensory experience'....?

Well, how do you experience life? How do you experience these words you are reading? You see them, you hear them with your mind, you feel the wind brushing against your skin as you're reading this, you smell your food you are making in the next room and so on.

Look at your best friend, your girlfriend, your family, and understand how you experience them. You see your wife, you can physically feel her skin on yours, you can smell her hair, you can taste her breath and you can even mentally feel her effects on your emotions. 


So do you understand yet?

This entire life experience is nothing but a play that is experienced through your senses. Your family, your dog, your computer, your emotions and thoughts are all a part of this sensory experience that your mind has created. How else would you know that something is there without being able to sense it in some way?

 Wow... that was profound, I think I finally get it! So what you're saying is~

that we can literally shut down reality and turn it back on through meditation!? OK, I get that, but that makes me think of a couple more questions to ask you. Does that mean reality isn't real? Does that mean I could transform into anything I want to since this entire experience is made by my mind somehow? Oh, and are you just an experience in my mind or am I an experience in yours?

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying

Those are some good questions to ask my friend, and we will surely discuss those questions at a later point in time! Until then, let us try to stay on topic for now. 

OK... well my mind always gets distracted during meditation. How do I fix this?

 I bet you're practicing sitting meditation huh?

Of course, why wouldn't I be?

For the exact reasons you just stated, duh! When sitting in meditation it is much more troublesome to get into a relaxed state for most. Without being able to relax your body your mind will surely feel the same way. (not relaxed)

In these instances I recommend you skip out on the sitting and go straight to laying down for meditation if you really want to shut down your senses.

But I fall asleep if I do that...

Stop falling asleep then!? You must stay focused on what you are trying to achieve if you want to get any results! Without focused intention, your desire for transcending this mundane reality is not strong enough. Know exactly what you are trying to attain by doing the lying down meditation technique; if you do not, then your mind will still wander and you will still fall asleep instead of consciously transcending your physical senses. 

Wait, why did you say 'physical' senses?

Great question friend, one's 'physical senses' are in reference to the commonly referred to sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste. There are, however, mental senses that must be transcended as well once you are able to transcend the physical senses and go beyond awareness of your physical body.

Oh... OK!

Thanks for clearing that up, You've been a lot of help, what was your name again?

In truth, I do not have a name, but you can just call me Krishna.


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